Tiger Prawns Cultivation

Location: 117 Acre at Mauje Mithagar Khadi, Taluka – Murud, Dist. – Raigad. It is 9 Km. away from Murud & 30 Km. away from Roha.

Segments: The project has 32 ponds for prawns cultivation.

Facilities: It is being successfully supported by facilities like light, electricity & transport.

Safety & Security: Also protected from sea water so that no harness is made to the newly cultivated prawns.

Over the years, aquaculture in India has evolved from a subsistence and backyard activity to that of a technology driven commercial and profitable venture. India is now second in world aquaculture production next to China.

The success of commercial aquaculture in India is attributed to the availability of vast untapped surface water resources, standardisation of many new production and associated techniques of input and output subsystems, extension of technology and practical knowledge to the farmers.

After the setback to brackish water shrimp farming in mid nineties and consequent regulations on expansion and intensification of the activity, farmers in both coastal and land locked States have gone for large scale farming of Giant Freshwater Prawn popularly called “Scampi” which is having high demand in both domestic and international markets.

In order to meet the raw material requirement of large number of processing units established for export and also to meet the domestic demand, there is urgent need for promotion of sustainable production of Scampi in vast untapped fresh water resources of the country to ensure livelihood to poor people in rural areas and also the much needed food security.